When to reupholster?

April 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered if reupholstering a piece of furniture is worth the cost and effort?  When in doubt, you may want to consider the following questions: 1) Does this piece of furniture have sentimental value? If so, would you use it more and be happier if it was updated with fresh fabric and reimagined? 2) Does this piece of furniture bring you joy? Sometimes we have furniture in our house that we don’t even look at, sit in, or even see anymore. And 3) Is this piece of furniture worth the cost and effort? Honestly, some pieces of furniture are not.

If a piece of furniture does not bring you any joy and you are holding on to it regardless, then I suggest you sell, consign, donate or give away that piece. If you love the furniture and/or it is comfortable, then go for it! Reupholstering a piece of furniture not only saves the land fill, it can completely change the way a piece of furniture looks and functions.

The cost of reupholstering is cheaper than you might think.  I would be happy to help you reimagine and reupholster that piece of furniture if you are in the San Diego area!

Here is a before and after of my new “favorite” piece.

Before it was a cute chair:

Before Barrel Chair

After it is a stunning chair:


The Blue Pagoda Teal Barrel Chair

Definitely worth it!



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