Lighting Solution

July 11, 2015

Lighting is one design problem that needs to be addressed.  Without lighting a room is difficult to be in. Lighting problems can be solved by installing canned lighting in the ceiling, but the lighting can be harsh and it does not solve the issue of task lighting.

While working on a home office remodel I came across a wonderful solution. Battery operated lamps. They are both beautiful and functional. My internet search brought me to lamps by Modern Lantern.  Here is a picture of the lamp my client chose:

cordless table lamp clovetable_lrg_grande

We placed two of these lamps on my client’s desk which we floated in the middle of the room. (Pics of the remodel coming soon.)  There are no cords to hide and no electrical boxes that had to be installed into the floor. These lamps are beautiful and functional. (They even work well in a power outage!)

I love the lamps by Modern Lantern for many reasons but I think I love the story behind Modern Lighting even more:

“Over twenty years of designing and developing home products and interiors, the husband and wife team, Stephen and Carrie Fitzwater, have combinted their talents to fill the void of ‘what’s been missing’ in residential lighting, lighting that can go anywhere. We are proudly now in our third year of operation in Fort Worth, Texas and currently even build our Made in the USA line right here too in our warehouse.”

You can find the full story here:

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